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The company history

How we think and what we like to show our full commitment to

At BUTKA FUR, in addition to fur, we also have responsibility. In the fourth generation of a true family business, we maintain values ​​– and at the same time we set trends.

Our thinking combines the past with the timelessness of exquisite designs – and with a clear focus on the future of our planet.

At BUTKA FUR we live slow fashion. We work with natural materials. We rely on the highest quality for the longevity of our products. And we use whatever is suitable multiple times. Feel free to ask us about our repair and upcycling services!

Slow fashion is a core element of our philosophy

Our philosophy at BUTKA FUR is based on appreciation. We maintain long-term and fair relationships with our employees, our suppliers and – above all and from the heart – with our customers.

The satisfaction of the people who trust us and whom we are allowed to clothe has always been a real concern for us.We also value nature. For people and animals in general. For the environment and our planet.

We like to summarize all of this under the term slow fashion. The slowness in this word expresses how long our garments are in use: some of them transcend the boundaries of generations.

For us, slow fashion also means paying fair wages and treating raw materials and materials carefully. Especially in the production of fur fashion, a lot can be recycled and upcycled – which we do with love. And with enthusiasm that you will always feel with us.

We were already furriers as soon as the Charleston was invented


The profession of furrier and fur trader became established in our family. The company was founded in Vienna around this time.


With Rudolf Butka, the first generational change in our company history takes place. Rudolf Butka runs the business together with his wife Gudrun Butka.


Harald Butka, son of Rudolf and Gudrun Butka, later took over the business. At this time, fur coats were still exclusively made to measure. In addition to fur fashion, Harald Butka also sells smoked goods.


Philipp Butka took over the business and runs it to this day together with his wife Manuela Butka.


2004 and 2018

We are expanding and opening our locations in Baden and Salzburg.


More and more well-known companies in Austria and internationally are pur­chas­ing the goods from our wholesaler.


We start designing and producing our own fur collections.


Our webshop goes live and customers all over Europe can now easily order our fur fashion online.

Was it all Charleston, partying and dancing in the 1920s? Were they golden when it’s called the Roaring Twenties? Not exactly. Those interested in history associate the year 1929 with the greatest global economic crisis known to our history.

And us Butkas?

We Butkas had the first furrier in the family from 1929, which an ancient document still tells about today.

Today we are fourth generation furriers and never tire of cultivating and revitalizing an ancient craft with attention to detail.

Starting with a wholesale business for furs and skins, we later turned our attention to retail and the manufacture of fur fashion. Today, as a wholesaler, we supply many boutiques at home and abroad.

As a retailer, we operate our own shops in Vienna, Baden and Salzburg as well as our webshop.

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