What you wear is how you live.

Luxuriously indulgent fur fashion

Sable, mink and lambskin – fur wraps you in fluffy nature

Fur fashion is timeless, stylish, natural. The most popular clothing items made from fur include the sable coat, the timeless mink coat and fashion made from lambskin, such as lambskin boots, the lambskin coat and much more.

At BUTKA FUR we have been producing and trading fur fashion of the highest quality for four generations. Wearing fur has ushered us into a new era: a time of returning to nature and treating it with respect. In a time in which a rethink is taking place and we rely on slow fashion for good reasons – in mindfulness, sustainability and with eternally stylish products that last for years and decades.

A sable coat is the beginning of a stylish and sensual time.

Wearing a sable coat is like making a statement. Sable is a fur of exquisite quality and appearance. We can experience its special density and delicacy as a miracle of nature – and let it warm us in a very original way.

Sable fur and its 1.000-year history

Sable fur has a long tradition. It is said that sable fur was already considered a desirable commodity 1,000 years ago. And that the availability of sable fur has historically become a motive for conquering entire areas of land through military means.

Fortunately, today we can obtain sable more easily – and use it to make garments of exquisite quality. You can find the sable coat that is exactly right for you in the wide selection of our fur shops in Vienna, Baden and Salzburg.

A mysterious way to be perfectly dressed …

Whether it’s a stole or a sable coat, a fur hat or a mitten, a cozy blanket or a cape – sable dresses, warms and gives an archaic feeling of security. The color spectrum in which sable fur occurs in nature ranges from light gold tones to shimmering black tones.

Our sensual conclusion: A sable coat can tell of the mysticism of a Siberian winter and bring the magic of cool clarity into our lives.


Buy a mink coat? Letting him give you a gift –
that is warming romance.

A mink coat is a classic gift to give a woman a gift of great value and long-term usability. Anyone who has ever worn a mink coat begins to understand why mink is one of the most popular furs.

Mink stands for noblesse – and a mink coat also means a robust, long-lasting garment that is timeless to wear.

Is mink the same as mink?

When we talk about mink, we combine two types of animals and their areas of origin. We know the European mink – and also the slightly larger American mink. The fur of female animals is softer and therefore particularly sought after. Due to the nature of its raw material, a mink coat is naturally water-repellent and heat-regulating.

Where is mink fur found?

If we source mink fur as a raw material, we can do so in own auctions. Minks came to us via Scandinavia. Helsinki and Copenhagen are home to particularly large and renowned auction houses in the industry.

If you want to find a mink coat that is made for you, we look forward to your visit to our fur shops in Vienna, Baden and Salzburg as well as to our  Webshop.

Fur fashion made from lambskin has become a favorite piece of comfort.

Whether it’s lambskin boots or a lambskin coat… lambskin is one of the most popular materials in the fur sector. For good reasons.

Why lambskin is so popular has not only strong design arguments but also very practical aspects: Due to its natural temperature-regulating properties, it somehow always feels right to be dressed in lambskin.

A sheepskin coat breathes, it warms in winter and can be a fashion accent at almost any time of the year. Lambskin coats in particular are often made in such a way that they can be worn reversibly, well as a flexible, reversible coat.

Lambskin is an ancient success story that continues to be written

Lambskins or sheepskins were used over 10,000 years ago and to this day sheep are considered the world’s most important fur suppliers, at least within the domesticated animal world.

A special form of fur fashion made from lambskin is the so-called Velours or Nappalan lamb, which means a certain type of processing. Only a few and particularly high-quality skins are suitable for this type of lambskin fashion, which is mainly reversible – well can be worn on both sides.

You can find your personal lambskin coat with the potential to become your favorite piece with us – in our fur shops in Vienna, Baden and Salzburg as well as in our webshop.

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