Home Accessoires

Really relaxed today?

Fur blankets, upholstery, etc. – fur makes your home even more homely

Are we a fur shop? Naturally! But did you know that in addition to fur to wear in our fur shop in Vienna and our branches in Baden and Salzburg, we also carry cozy home accessories?

Furs are natural – to be worn and lived in. They make every home a little more comfortable.

Furs are suitable not only visually, but also situationally for many occasions… for cuddling, for relaxing, for watching TV and whatever you prefer to do while covered in fluffy clothes.

Discover cuddly soft fur blankets and cushions that you won’t want to be without! Furs give comfortable armchairs and sofas an extra dose of homeliness.

Our fur blankets and cushions are real eye-catchers. For fluffy moments, cool days and important meetings at home. Available in different colors, finishes and sizes. In our fur shops and in our webshop!

Home Accessories by BUTKA FUR

Our fur shops in Vienna, Baden and Salzburg, as well as our online shop, have what makes living more comfortable. Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious comfort with long-lasting fur products!

Whether fur blanket, upholstery or something else: fur is nature with an exclusive appearance and perhaps the most stylish and original type of homeliness that makes you happy.