Our collections are variations on the theme of natural beauty.

Fur designs with personal service

What you wear is how you live.

Luxuriously indulgent fur fashion

Wearing fur is akin to a rendezvous with that which is elemental.

Superior quality at attractive prices

Cleaning, Modifications & Repairs

Everything from one source

Exquisite fur fashion and the enchantment of elemental beauty.

Fur is nature with tradition. The magic of fairy tales from wildly romantic times joins forces with international fashion trends. If you think for yourself and make your own decisions, then fur is for you. If you value authenticity over plastic and feel entirely at home in the synergies of fur, silk, and wool. If you enjoy the catwalks but find your own life much more exciting. If you treat yourself to the warmth of profoundly natural materials that will last for years or decades. If you understand how to make a statement that expresses your lifestyle, taste, and appreciation for beauty. Fur is every bit as unique as you are. As full of surprise as a brand-new day. As singular as every creation on earth. Envelop yourself in plush love for yourself!

Our locations

magic transformed into space for your very own shopping experience

You can find our shops in the capital city Vienna as well as in nostalgic environment of Baden´s and Salzburg’s city centre. And if you´ll visit us in one of our shops, we will gladly make time for you. For professional competence and personal style advice. For enjoying a glass of champagne together and chatting about the beauty of life. Or about the past. For you and your well-being.

Top quality for less money – and how it matches up

Alongside its inherent charm, our stores also offer you some very pragmatic advantages. You receive more – more quality, more consultation, more service. And in return, you pay less. You might ask yourself how we manage to align these two seeming contrasts. It’s simple: We draw on generations of experience. We understand how to purchase wisely. We cultivate fair and long-standing relationships with our suppliers and partners. And we unite the advantages of wholesale with those of retail sales. This enables us to achieve price advantages that we are happy to pass on to our clients.
In short: You enjoy a complete shopping experience without any unnecessary strain on your budget.










About Us & Services

At Butka Fur, we combine advantages from different worlds: We embody the unerring style competence of international catwalks and pass our price advantages on to our clients. We are a young company, led by professionals with many years of accumulated expertise.

Our commitment to quality is just like our clients’ sense of style: Uncompromising. Each one of our products is created by master craftsmen, because we have a deep understanding of the raw materials of nature and of the love of the ancient craft of the furrier. This is why we can also provide you with outstanding support and service for alterations and custom-made pieces as well as for cleaning and repairing your fur fashion. Collections featuring trendy international fur styles that change several times a year go hand in hand with lovingly completed alterations and repairs, upcycling, and design from our very own workshop.

We remain acutely aware of our responsibility towards our clients as well as to the environment. Respect and appreciation are a way of life for us. And our approach to service? You’re going to love it. Bespoke orders? Of course! Alterations? No problem. Enduring relationships? Naturally. After all, the sensational longevity that fur products enjoy often keeps us connected to our clients for a long time after their purchase. Because fur like this never goes out of fashion. And because genuine satisfaction is the reason people keep coming back to us.
Do you have any questions? We will be more than happy to answer them!

Look Book

Do pictures really say more than 1,000 words?

Is fur the most natural way to keep yourself warm and captivate others with your confident sense of style? We say yes. An emphatic yes, that is. What are we showing you here? Selected pieces from our current collection – which is never quite complete online thanks to a steady stream of newly arriving models. But that doesn’t matter if you simply visit us in real life and enjoy browsing the full selection at your leisure.

Home Accessoires

Have you already relaxed in comfort today?

Our home accessoires make every home a bit cosier. Cuddly soft blankets and pillows, you won’t want to miss.
Fits on every couch and for every situation. Our eye-catchers for fluffy moments, cool days and important encounters at home are available in different colours, finishes and sizes. They not only fit visually, but also in terms of situation… for cuddling, for relaxing, for watching TV and whatever you prefer to be wrapped in fluffy clothes.

Special request service

Your favourite piece as individual as you are: our special request service.

Our assortment? Versatile. Our customers? Demanding – and that’s exactly how it should be. If you discover your favourite piece in our shop, but would still like it a little differently – for example in a different colour or length, with a different cut, but without a hood, but with press studs or whatever it is – we can manage that, in the vast majority of cases. The same applies to our wonderfully cuddly blankets – always fluffy, but in completely new colours and sizes on request. Just ask us!


You’re welcome here with us! And we’d love to hear from you!

Contact us? Gladly! We are always happy to hear from you and will be there for you as soon as possible. Simply use our contact form – or, if you’re not the form type, feel free to use one of these options:

Butka Fur Store Wien: Telefon: +43 1 419 77 17
Butka Fur Store Baden:  Telefon: +43 2252 25 22 03
Butka Fur Store Salzburg: Telefon: +43 662 84 12 76
E-Mail: office@butka-fur.at

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